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Guyana prepared to stand up against Venezuela – Trotman tells Parliament

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Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman during his presentation in the National Assembly.
[] – Guyana is fully prepared to stand up against neighbouring Venezuela which has recently laid claim to Guyana’s territorial waters according to Minister of Governance, with responsibility for National Patrimony, Raphael Trotman.

Delivering his inaugural address to the National Assembly as a minister, Trotman said, “Venezuela knows what it has to do and that is to behave itself”.

He explained that “There is a substantial oil find off the coast of Guyana. What we now have to do is develop it and protect it, even from the rapacious advances of our neighbours to the West”.

Guyana is entitled to “develop what is ours just as they are entitled to develop what is theirs”. He noted that what Venezuela has is in abundance and they have had the right to develop their resources and do whatever they want with them, “without questioning by us or from us”.

It is in this regard, that the minister said that Guyana “will guard jealously the right to do the same to our resources without interference”.

He proffered to the National Assembly that while the population does not number in the millions, all can, “rest assured that the desire to defend and enjoy what is ours is not to be underestimated”.

Minister Trotman also moved to express government’s gratitude to Columbia and Suriname which have taken offence to Venezuela’s latest claims and signalled their displeasure in no uncertain terms, by “speaking out strongly against Venezuela’s move”.

Venezuela has issued a decree in law, which says that a very large area of the sea, not only belongs to Venezuela, but that country has called on its navy to enforce this zone.

This claim comes on the heels of the news of the discovery of a significant quantity of oil in Guyana’s internationally recognised territorial waters, several weeks ago by Exxon Mobil.

Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge recently said that the area in which oil exploration is currently underway by ExxonMobil has never been the subject of any claim from Venezuela.

“It is a new claim by Venezuela, not a repetition of any claim, it’s a new claim. Secondly, it is not the APNU government that issued the exploration rights, so to suggest that they have to move now because this government has gone a step too far, is not accurate.’

He added that in claiming this expanse of territory, the Government of Venezuela has not demonstrated and indeed cannot show any reason for so doing. “The principle underlying the claim hasn’t any basis whatsoever in any known formula for allocation of the ocean, save bullyism.”

The rights to marine resources arise from rights to land mass, so by virtue of “us occupying Guyana we have certain rights… They (Venezuela) may not be signatory of the Law of the Sea, but it is not the sea and the lawlessness that is practiced there that determines your land mass. The land mass of Guyana is defined in a treaty, and when there was a disagreement in 2009, a court pronounced on it.”

The government has promised to work on all fora, including the United Nations (UN), Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Organisation of American States (OAS), Commonwealth and CARICOM to have this issue resolved. [Extracted and modified from GINA]

2005 La Guayana Esequiba – Zona en Reclamación. Instituto Geográfico Simón Bolívar  Primera Edición

Nota del editor del blog:

Al referenciarse a la República Cooperativa de Guyana se deben de tener en cuenta los 159.500Km2, de territorios ubicados al oeste del río Esequibo conocidos con el nombre de Guayana Esequiba o Zona en Reclamación sujetos al Acuerdo de Ginebra del 17 de febrero de 1966.

Territorios estos sobre los cuales el Gobierno Venezolano en representación de la Nación venezolana se reservo sus derechos sobre los territorios de la Guayana Esequiba en su nota del 26 de mayo de 1966 al reconocerse al nuevo Estado de Guyana:

“...por lo tanto, Venezuela reconoce como territorio del nuevo Estado, el que se sitúa al este de la margen derecha del río Esequibo y reitera ante la comunidad internacional, que se reserva expresamente sus derechos de soberanía territorial sobre la zona que se encuentra en la margen izquierda del precitado río; en consecuencia, el territorio de la Guayana Esequiba sobre el cual Venezuela se reserva expresamente sus derechos soberanos, limita al Este con el nuevo Estado de Guyana, a través de la línea del río Esequibo, tomando éste desde su nacimiento hasta su desembocadura en el Océano Atlántico...”


Terminología sobre cómo referenciar la Zona en Reclamación-Guayana Esequiba.

Mapa que señala el Espacio de Soberanía Marítima Venezolana que se reserva, como Mar Territorial mediante el Decreto Presidencial No 1152 del 09 de Julio de 1968

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