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Venezuela recalling ambassador for consultations -Maduro reviewing relations

Venezuela is recalling its ambassador in Guyana for consultation, the Associated Press reported from Caracas tonight.
The move comes amid mounting tensions over the maritime decree which Caracas issued on May 26 th and which Guyana has vigorously opposed and sought international solidarity over.

AP said that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced tonight that in addition to recalling the ambassador, he is initiating a comprehensive review of relations with Guyana and is reducing the size of Venezuela’s embassy there. Guyana benefits from concessional oil from Venezuela and a large chunk of local rice is bartered with Caracas. Maduro could possibly use these as levers against Guyana.

During an address to the national legislature, AP said that Maduro accused Guyana of promoting hatred and aggression against Venezuela. Maduro’s claim of aggression would be seen as risible as all Guyana has done is to intensively internationalise the spuriousness of the maritime decree which seeks to appropriate Guyana’s Atlantic waters and the maritime zones of other CARICOM countries.
Venezuela’s decree came just days after US oil company ExxonMobil had announced a major oil find off of Guyana’s Demerara coast. The decree sought to cover this area which has never been the subject of any prior claim by Venezuela. Analysts say Venezuela is firmly set against Guyana tapping its petroleum potential and has interfered in this area for decades.

Guyana has just concluded days of detailed lobbying of CARICOM which resulted in a statement yesterday calling on Caracas to alter its controversial decree. Guyana also attracted support from the Commonwealth for its territorial integrity.

Despite the scare tactics, ExxonMobil has been given cover by the Guyana Government to proceed unhindered with its exploration. The company has recently signalled its intention to continue with and expand its exploration.

July 6, 2015

2005 La Guayana Esequiba – Zona en Reclamación. Instituto Geográfico Simón Bolívar  Primera Edición

Nota del editor del blog:

Al referenciarse a la República Cooperativa de Guyana se deben de tener en cuenta los 159.500Km2, de territorios ubicados al oeste del río Esequibo conocidos con el nombre de Guayana Esequiba o Zona en Reclamación sujetos al Acuerdo de Ginebra del 17 de febrero de 1966.

Territorios estos sobre los cuales el Gobierno Venezolano en representación de la Nación venezolana se reservo sus derechos sobre los territorios de la Guayana Esequiba en su nota del 26 de mayo de 1966 al reconocerse al nuevo Estado de Guyana:

“...por lo tanto, Venezuela reconoce como territorio del nuevo Estado, el que se sitúa al este de la margen derecha del río Esequibo y reitera ante la comunidad internacional, que se reserva expresamente sus derechos de soberanía territorial sobre la zona que se encuentra en la margen izquierda del precitado río; en consecuencia, el territorio de la Guayana Esequiba sobre el cual Venezuela se reserva expresamente sus derechos soberanos, limita al Este con el nuevo Estado de Guyana, a través de la línea del río Esequibo, tomando éste desde su nacimiento hasta su desembocadura en el Océano Atlántico...”


Terminología sobre cómo referenciar la Zona en Reclamación-Guayana Esequiba.

Mapa que señala el Espacio de Soberanía Marítima Venezolana que se reserva, como Mar Territorial mediante el Decreto Presidencial No 1152 del 09 de Julio de 1968

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